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Who Are We?

We are new Canadian’s with a 3 generation African background.  At the helm are Geoff and Norma Gogle who have an infectious ability to inspire confidence in their staff resulting in a better product with better customer satisfaction. Mammoth Truck Corporation was founded for the purpose of converting pre-owned left hand drive, Class 8 conventional trucks, into cab-over (COE), right hand drive Class 8 trucks for export to all R.H.D. world markets.

The original “Mammoth Truck Co. Ltd” was formed and based in Zambia, Africa in 1972 by Geoffrey (Geoff) S.P. Gogle. Mammoth imported White trucks from “White Motor Corporation” in the U.S.A., for sale in Zambia. Between 1972 and 1983 Geoff Gogle was instrumental in founding “Marunouchi Manufacturing” who had the sole right to sell Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and motor cars to the African Market.  Marunouchi was an off-shoot of Mammoth Truck Co. Ltd. and built Fuso trucks from C.K.D. kits in their local factory.

Today Marunouchi is the largest motor dealer in Zambia marketing and selling Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz and Chrysler products.

At present we are very involved in Zambia but wish to expand to other parts of Southern Africa namely South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Namibia.  For the immediate future we will be taking a demonstration Right Hand Drive model to the International Trade Shows in British Columbia.

What Experience Do We Have?

We know how to build trucks and market them.  Geoff founded the most successful franchise in Zambia, Africa over 35 years ago with Mitsubishi and today incorporates Daimler Benz, Mitsubishi & Chrysler.

Geoff has been an avid member of The Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.) for over 25 years.

During the mid 1970’s until the late 1980’s there was no foreign exchange currency available for the purchase of import products such as Class 8 trucks.  This situation placed White Trucks in a hold position. In 1987 “Mammoth” began negotiations with Western Star Trucks of Kelowna B.C. Canada to import their trucks into Zambia with the financial assistance of the Canadian International Development Agency (C.I.D.A.).

The revamped “Mammoth” – began importing Western Star Trucks.  The first order of  ten  (10) R.H.D. Western Stars were received.  It was agreed, to disassemble the first two (2) trucks in Canada and ship them in containers thus establishing a back-up parts inventory that would sustain truck operations for a much longer period of time.  Mammoth was awarded a two (2) year service contract with the local Governments to service and repair these trucks.  This service contract was essential.  It allowed Mammoth to monitor and ensure that these trucks were maintained for at least  two (2) years. This resulted in more than eighty (80) “new” Western Stars being imported into the Zambian & South African Markets.

In 1993, through the efforts of Geoff Gogle funds were arranged and given to the Zambian Government by the Canadian Government as aid to Zambia.  Mammoth then managed to have some of those funds allocated to the private sector businesses for the purchase of much needed new trucks and agricultural equipment. By 1997 the Zambian market was saturated with new R.H.D. Class 8 trucks.  Our customers were looking to purchase pre-owned equipment which was more affordable to the “small transport” company.  All the Western Star trucks sold into Africa were right hand drive.

In 1995 Mammoth Trucks BC Ltd. was incorporated in Penticton B.C. and in 1998 Geoff & Norma Gogle immigrated to Canada and Mammoth Trucks began selling pre-owned Class 8 trucks into Africa. To date we have sold over 700 L.H.D. pre-owned units into Africa.

What Do We Bring To The Table?

Many years of experience but above all, absolute integrity, honesty and reliability.  “The Buck Stops” at Geoff’s desk.

In the past 2 years, South Africa, through an organisation called “SADC.” (Southern African Development Community), which encompasses all Southern, Central and East African countries and looks after their affairs, has been enforcing legislation banning L.H.D. vehicle importation into all African countries.  They are also enforcing compliance of truck and trailer lengths and axle loadings. Presently South Africa has a “total” ban on the importation of L.H.D. vehicles into their country.  They have also put a ban on the movement of imported products from South Africa ports on South African roads destined for the rest of Africa. Hence, the desperate need for a “pre-owned” R.H.D. cab-over Class 8 trucks.


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