MammothTrucks MAMMOTH TRUCK CORPORATION Get Used Parts That Always Work Delivered On Time At the Best Possible Rate ABOUT US Who Are We? We are new Canadian’s with a 3 generation African background.  At the helm are Geoff and Norma Gogle who have an infectious ability to inspire confidence in their staff resulting in a better product with better customer satisfaction. Mammoth Truck Corporation was founded for the purpose of converting pre-owned left hand drive, Class 8 conventional trucks, into cab-over (COE), right hand drive Class 8 trucks for export to all R.H.D. world markets. The original “Mammoth Truck Co. Ltd” was formed and based in Zambia, Africa in 1972 by Geoffrey (Geoff) S.P. Gogle. Mammoth imported White trucks from “White Motor Corporation” in the U.S.A., for sale in Zambia. Between 1972 and 1983 Geoff Gogle was instrumental in founding “Marunouchi Manufacturing” who had the sole right to sell Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and motor cars to the African Market.  Marunouchi was